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Creating Brands
the New Way

Imagine if you could bridge the gap between the boundless potential of Ai and the authenticity of human intuition and insight. With, you can. We combine the lightning speed of Ai with input from smart, seasoned storymakers to help founders build their brands across channels with depth, precision and originality — with greater efficiency and at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting models.

Just 15 Minutes

It’s is all the time you need to provide the input we need to create content that speaks to investors, customers, employees and media in a compelling way. Choose from the menu, and our platform populates your ideas into a format ready for any Ai language model. Within seconds, a first draft is created and delivered to our team of senior brand strategists and writers. They add the human touch and 48 hours later, you have a first draft.

Ai + The Human Touch gives founders access to senior brand strategists and writers they otherwise couldn’t afford. Our team has built brands and told stories the old way, with an amazing track record. Now, we want to help founders do it in a new, better and more efficient way, using a humanized Ai to create stories that allow early-stage companies to punch above their weight. Learn More.

Our On-Demand Services

Origin Story USD $949

Early-stage companies are story companies. Tell yours in a way that inspires and attracts investors, employees and customers.

Brand Platform USD $1,089

An authentic, compelling and powerful statement that captures what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

News Release USD $899

No more meetings and no more “news release by committee”. Days of work and revisions are reduced to hours for a media–ready release.

Coming Soon

Opinion Pieces
TED-style speeches
1-minute video scripts
LinkedIn Articles

What our users say

“By combining human expertise with Ai, BRAINDS accelerates  brand strategy and content creation, freeing up your creative energy to build your business.”

Janice Mandel
PR Expert, Host Path to Visibility Podcast

“The results speak for themselves . . . we’ve decided to entrust all our future PR endeavors to”

Jack Campbell