Brainds Ai

The Human Touch

At we know what great writing looks like — and Ai-generated content alone isn’t it.

That’s why we combine Ai with the power of top-tier writing talent.

Our people are the best – published authors whose work has appeared in publications and platforms such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, PBS, 60 Minutes, The Globe and Mail and more.They are proven brand strategists, seasoned journalists, advertising and public relations experts.

They all work with the biggest brands and operate at the highest level. They are who polish and provide insight to all content. It gives early-stage founders access to talent they couldn’t afford if they used the old model of hiring agencies, hourly consultants or full-time staff writers.

Why do we insist on securing the finest talent?

Simple. While Ai offers incredible potential and efficiency, it is not infallible. It can err, overlook nuances, and sometimes miss that critical element, fact, or perfect word that elevates content from mediocre to exceptional. It takes the discerning eye and human touch of an expert writer, editor and brand strategist to deliver a truly great piece of content.

So, why do your brand the old way? Get the competitive edge with